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Wheel arch rust repair - the rust has to go!

A new customer came to us the other day via a recommendation, he was looking for wheel arch rust repair on his Mitsubishi Evo rear arches, apparently it’s a common thing on the Evo VII.

We gladly took the job on and here are some photos of the work we carried out. We not only cut the rust out and replaced it with new metal, we also rolled his arches inwards to make sure the tyres will never catch again, thats what caused the metal wear and rusting in the first place. Solve the cause and wipe out the problem.

wheel arch rust repaircar restoration

Cutting it out is the best wheel arch rust repair method

When rust has been left to develop over time it looks like bubbles in the paintwork on the outside but could have penatrated all the way through the metal under the paint leaving it perforated and weak,  at this stage it has to go. Without cutting it out, to repair rusting metal you have to catch it early, then you can sand it out and use a rust inhibiter like most car restoration body shops do, in this case the rust repair is severe so we cut it out and replaced with new metal.

car rust repaircar rust repair

The inner and outer quarter panel was both cut out.

wheel arch rust repairwheel arch rust repair

With the rusty sections cut out,  our wheel arch rust repair gets new metal welded in.

The inside view of a wheel arch rust repair

bodywork restorationThis inside arch repair photo shows the new inner panel repaired and the arch edge rolled over. It is primed and after painting the car the inner arch will be brush sealed and wax sprayed to repel water.

We like being able to share these photos with you, it shows that the work has been carried out professionally.  We are a geniune car enthusiasts body shop and are happy to photograph any repairs we take on. After all the camera never lies!

We like to repair rust by cutting it out as it is the most efficient way of dealing with car rust repair. Yes it is more expensive than just sanding and filling with fibreglass paste but it is the correct way of doing things.

Spraying a wheel arch rust repair back to factory

After all the metal work is complete we skim the new area over with some Upol body filler and sand flat making sure the arch swage lines are all all back as factory. Once the filler work is complete we 2k prime the arch with 5:1 high build primer and sand it down ready for painting.

These last photos show the Evo in the low bake oven ready to be sprayed.  We colour matched the car first when it was out in the daylight to make sure we had best match. All our car body repairs are sprayed in our low bake oven and baked at 65c. When the car comes out it is checked over and any small dirt particles are nibbed out and the car is polished.

We are very fussy about our car body spraying we aim for right first time, every time and although that sometimes causes us pressure, we would not want it any other way.

car restorationcar restoration

wheel arch rust repair

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