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When vehicle scratch repairs are done wrong.

This car was brought to us after the owner had his bonnet scratch repair done at a local ‘body shop’ through a friend. The end results were shocking but even worse is ‘how’ it was repaired. The scratch had been filled in with body filler instead of being sanded out and the whole bonnet had been left smooth instead of being sanded down, it had been painted this way.

Fixing car scratches is something we do a lot of, it’s a day to day process and although we don’t like taking on previously attempted vehicle scratch repairs this customer was desperate as the car was up for sale. It did however provide us with an opportunity to show you what a badly scratched car paint repair looks like, it is not that often you will see work like this(just as well to be honest), we hope you never get a job done like this one.

As you can see from the photos below the paintwork is really dull and the badly done scratch repairs look like raised scars.

vehicle scratch repairsvehicle scratch repairs

Vehicle scratch repairs should be sanded out not filled in.

We started work on this Seat and soon realized that the paint on the bonnet was very soft, it had not been baked in a low bake oven so we decided to try and wash it all off with paint thinner. The paint thinner slowly softened the layers of paint which had been applied and it eventually washed off. This is when we realized the bonnet had not been sanded down at all and the body filler they had used to fill the scratch in had not been primed(tut tut).

fixing car scratches

Once all the soft paint had been washed off we sanded the body filler and scratch out. The best way of doing a scratched car paint repair is to sand it out fully, if that means back to be metal then so be it. Notice we removed the trim off the bonnet too, we don’t like over spray or masking up easy to remove trims.

fixing car scratchesfixing car scratches

Always two pack prime vehicle scratch repairs for lasting quality.

With the scratch sanded fully out we 2k primed( a 2 part mixed primer that is durable) the area and infra red dried it. We then sanded the primer and the rest of the bonnet and put it in our spray booth to mask up ready to paint. Repairing car scratches is a fairly straight forward job so we just don’t know how this car was originally repaired so badly(cowboys – ye ha!).

That is one of the problems when looking for someone to repair your car, car body repairs are a professional process needing the correct skill and equipment. Its not rocket science but this job it seams was done by someone that did not possess even the basics. A skilled person can produce a nice job even in basic conditions as long as good quality products are bought and applied correctly.

vehicle scratch repairsvehicle scratch repairs

With the Seat in our spray booth and masked ready to paint these vehicle scratch repairs are almost complete. We start applying the Max Meyer water based base colour, it will have two and a half coats of this paint before being finished off with two coats of our hi gloss clear coat. When all the paint is applied the car will be baked for 35 minutes at 65c, this will ensure it has its paint toughness reinstated and the bonnet will have it’s original finish.

vehicle scratch repairsscratched car paint repair

Vehicle scratch repairs – before (with a bad repair) and after we repaired it.

As you can see from the photos below there is a huge difference when vehicle scratch repairs are done right. The colour matches well, the gloss is just like when it left the factory. All in all it looks like the vehicle has not been repaired and that is how it should be.

car scratch repairs west midlandscar scratch repairs west midlands

A few final shots of the car outside, see the deep reflection of the clouds. All our paintwork (no matter how good it comes out) gets polished, that way it looks and feels like a factory showroom finish. Our aim is always to make the vehicle look like it has not been touched.

vehicle scratch repairsvehicle scratch repairs

A car scratch repair or car body repair that has signs of being done has not had attention to detail. We know that budget car repairs can often look off colour or lumpy in texture, lacking luster, shine and over all toughness. All our repairs are of a high quality, our reputation in the car body repairs industry is one of dependable consistency.


Don’t guess or gamble on taking your car to the right body shop, know it is at the right body shop. Take a look through our site, ask us anything and feel comfortable when phoning us to book your car in, know your car WILL be done right!

Vehicle scratch repairs done right.

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