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Vehicle salvage – getting yourself a real bargain

vehicle salvageMotor vehicle salvage has for years been a popular way of either,  getting yourself a nearly new car at a fraction of retail prices or a way of making some good money while enjoying the vehicle salvage repairs process. It can be so exciting when you find a car you want then source all the parts and get it repaired by a qualified vehicle salvage repairer like us.

 A high percentage of cars these days are written off by cost not because the vehicle was too badly damaged to be repared. The trick to doing profitable vehicle salvage (if there is a trick) is to get your parts as cheap as you can. Insurance companies will not allow accident repair centres to use pre owned parts hence why some cars get written off. You can use quality pre owned parts to repair your car as long as they are cut off and welded back on correctly with safety being paramount over cost.

Vehicle salvage websites and dealers

There are plenty of good salvage agents for you to get you salvage car from Copart, HBC, Bluecycle are all salvage auctions, just don’t get to excited and over bid. Do your homework on the salvage prices, parts prices, salvage repair prices and of course the realistic resale value or if it is for you how much are you saving over buying a new car?

Vehicle salvage professionals

Once you have your vehicle salvage and your parts give us a call and we will give you a price for doing the job. We can either:

  • Do the whole job from start to finish for you. Pull, measure and panel the vehicle, prep, paint and polish it.
  • Or we can just pull measure and panel the vehicle and you find your own prep and painters.
  • We can just prep and paint your vehicle if it is just cosmetic panel repairs or panel replacements.

We don’t often get involved with the fit and strip side of vehicle salvage as waiting for you to get the parts etc can delay the repairs and clog up our workshop. I am sure what ever your salvage repair needs are we can help you get your vehicle repaired to a high standard.

Not all vehicle salvage can be or should repaired!

vehicle salvagePlease bear in mind when looking for your vehicle salvage gem, not all vehicles can be repaired, some should be scrapped. If in doubt walk away. It is always better to buy a car that you have physically seen and you can make a rough assessment. Hear it running and make a note of the main parts. Just be careful of bad salvage auction photos, ask for more if needed and call the salvage agents up to get more of information.

We are happy to quote you repair costs once you have the vehicle and parts. We will not quote you pre buying, as this ties up our time and gives us less time to repairs vehicles. The choice is yours, do your homework and don’t buy on a whim!


The car above was described with roof damage – only joking but be aware when you are buying. We are here to help you get your vehicle salvage repaired correctly, so you have a safe professionally repaired vehicle.

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