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Vehicle salvage repairs – safety is everything – then looking good.

vehicle salvage repairsVehicle salvage repairs are becoming more common these days as insurance companies are writing vehicles off to eliminate car hire charges, as a result vehicle salvage repairs are on the rise and the need for professional vehicle salvage repairers is increasing. It is easy to get yourself a nice piece of motor salvage from websites like, Blue Cycle or even Ebay but bear in mind that vehicle salvage repairs should be done in a fully equip accident repair shop.

There are all sorts of reasons why a vehicle gets written off and there are varying degrees of damage, from mainly cosmetic bolt on panels right through to vehicles that are substantially damaged and need jigging.  So having a jig is really important as the vehicle salvage will definitely need pulling and measuring correctly to ensure it will be safe to drive and handle the way it should. Failure to measure a car will not only make it look wrong and like it has been repaired but it will not handle on the road and could be fatal at high speeds.

Yes we all want a bargain and to make money but Bodywork Plus will not compromise the safety of people who will be driving these salvage repaired vehicles. A safe vehicle salvage repair is always paramount in our minds and in our repair methods, safety first…. getting the vehicle looking good second.

We use a Car-o-Liner, bench rack drive on jig – vehicle salvage repairs must be aligned right!

vehicle salvage repairsAs we have mentioned it is easy to buy yourself a nice piece of vehicle motor salvage but repairing it is another thing. We have heard all sorts of stories about people doing vehicle salvage repairs by pulling cars off trees and posts to get the damage out and to a degree it is possible, but you will never truly know if that vehicle being repaired is straight. Yes the new panels can be used to get the alignment somewhere near but there is no substitute for putting motor vehicle salvage on a jig and knowing it is right. That is where vehicle salvage uk repairers Bodywork Plus Ltd, come in and offer you piece of mind. We measure every accident damaged car to ensure it is straight, there is no other way in our minds, ‘ it has to be jigged’.  Never guess your own vehicle salvage repairs, get your car repaired by us on our jig. Vehicle jig work is crucial, alignment first then a high quality prep and paint job. Looking good, feeling safe is the art of doing quality vehicle salvage repairs.


Looking good – vehicle salvage repairs second to none

Once we have your car pulled and jigged with all the panels fully aligned and welded up, its off to our paint shop. Even though most vehicle salvage repairs are big jobs there is no reason why they can’t be safe and look fantastic as well. Some vehicle repairers look on salvage as a quick pull, cheap blow over and back on the road it goes. This gives vehicle salvage repairs a bad reputation and makes some people shy away from buying them, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Back in 2002 when we started repairing Ferrari salvage every car had to look like it had not been repaired. People were spending good money on these cars and they wanted them to look right and rightly so.  Yes we can do quicker more competitive prep and paintwork but we will never bodge a car…never! All our work is done to a high standard and sprayed in our low bake oven, every car body repair, accident repair and car paintwork repair is sprayed and them checked for dirt nibs and polished to a showroom shine. When vehicle salvage repairs are done this way they are beautiful to drive and easy to sell. People will buy quality, they always have and they always will. There is no better feeling than getting the car of your choice at a knocked down price…a bargain will always be a bargain even in a recession.

Watch this video to see an example of our paintwork.

Vehicle salvage repairs.

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