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There is so much variation in vehicle respray prices – why is this?

Vehicle respray prices depend on quite a few factors. The quality of the body shop, the quality of the paint and materials used, are parts and moulding etc removed for a full car respray or is everything masked up? 

vehicle respray pricesvehicle respray prices

vehicle respray pricesvehicle respray prices

As a body shop that offer a respray service we give our customers various options, from a clean tidy up with all the parts and mouldings masked up to a full showroom finish respray. We give our customers choice because we know that not everyone has the money to spend on a full car respray done to perfection. Show cars and custom car resprays are a league of there own and can be really time consuming so the respray prices will naturally be more expensive.

Our vehicle respray prices start at £800.00

On a same colour full body respray our prices start at £800.00. All our work is done to a high standard and all car painting is done in our low bake oven, this helps produce an off the spray gun finish. We use water based paints and Max Meyer high solids clear coat. All our repairs are primed with a quality 5:1 high build primer and either baked dry or infra-red dried to give a longer lasting durable finish.

For your money you can expect all dents and scratches prepped out and a high quality finish sprayed on. There will be no overspray, masking lines or excessive dirt particles in the paintwork.

We think our respray prices are very competitive for the quality you will be getting. We never send out a car that we are not happy with, if you have any questions use our ‘ask us anything’ page and ask away!  Steve is very fussy so if he is happy with your respray, we are sure you will be happy too!

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