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Our UK salvage repair customer base is growing.

Thanks to the internet our customer base is growing well past the West Midlands, uk salvage is so popular that some of our customers are now coming from Manchester and London too! Our quality is guarenteed and our rates are lower than main stream London. No matter where you buy your damaged vehicles from we can repair them for you, some of our regular customers have them dropped to us straight from car salvage auctions(we only allow this if you have bought the parts). Even ebay salvage is getting really popular, sourcing the damaged vehicles and the parts at the same time can make a salvage repair really quick.

uk salvage uk salvage

This BMW M3 comes from Manchester, it was offered to local car accident repairers but they turned it down due to it being a heavy salvage repair. We took it on as that is what we do, car jigging and a start to finish salvage repair service. From crash to drive away or anything in between, you supply the car and the parts and we will do the rest, it’s that simple. Our experienced team of accident repair guys will get your damaged vehicles straight in no time.

Pulling and cutting a piece of  M3 UK salvage

car salvage car salvage

This BMW M3 needed a really good pull on the car jig, the damage had taken the inner and outer sills and squashed the edge of the floor. As you can see badly damaged vehicles need all the crushed panels pulling first then cutting off ready to put the new panels on. After cutting all the twisted panels off this car salvage M3, the floor was exposed and easier to straighten up.

uk salvagecar salvage

With the floor straightened up we offered the inner sill section in, the fit was perfect so we welded it in. The main ‘B’ post and outer sill was next, car salvage can be a bit tricky so we tack welded the outer panels on then tried the doors and wing on. All the panels fitted great so we welded it all up to completion, this piece of M3 car salvage was well on its way to being back on the road.

There will be another post on this car soon as we now have it in the prep shop getting it ready for painting. The rest of the car had lots of small dents and scratches on it so he decided to get us to respray it. When you buy your vehicle from any trusted Uk salvage agent give us a call, we will be happy to quote you.

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