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Vehicle salvage repairs – safety is everything – then looking good. Vehicle salvage repairs are becoming more common these days as insurance companies are writing vehicles off to eliminate car hire charges, as a result vehicle salvage repairs are on the rise and the need for professional vehicle salvage repairers is increasing. It is easy to get yourself a nice piece of motor salvage from websites like, Blue Cycle or even Ebay but bear in mind that vehicle salvage repairs should... view

Vehicle salvage – getting yourself a real bargain Motor vehicle salvage has for years been a popular way of either,  getting yourself a nearly new car at a fraction of retail prices or a way of making some good money while enjoying the vehicle salvage repairs process. It can be so exciting when you find a car you want then source all the parts and get it repaired by a qualified vehicle salvage repairer like us.  A high percentage of cars these days are written off by cost not because the... view