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A car respray cost will vary – what do you want done? It is difficult to put an exact figure on a car respray cost without seeing the car that is to be worked on. When doing resprays there are quite a few factors that will alter the total cost, here are just a few: Does it need the whole car respraying inside and out or just the outside? What colour is it being resprayed, the same colour, colour change, custom paint? Are all the trims, handles, bumpers to be removed or masked up? Do you want... view

  There is so much variation in vehicle respray prices – why is this? Vehicle respray prices depend on quite a few factors. The quality of the body shop, the quality of the paint and materials used, are parts and moulding etc removed for a full car respray or is everything masked up?  As a body shop that offer a respray service we give our customers various options, from a clean tidy up with all the parts and mouldings masked up to a full showroom finish respray. We give our customers... view