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With rising vandalism repairing car scratches is getting increasingly common. We work hard for our money to get nice things around us so when our prized car gets scratched and needs car scratch repairs it is not only upsetting but can often be costly. There are different techniques for repairing car scratches, all have different prices due to the level of complexity and overall finish of the car scratch removal or repair. We can polish light scratches out, touch small scratches in using car... view

Assessing car paintwork scratch removal options There are only a few ways of dealing with car paintwork scratch removal without panel painting, you can either touch the car scratch in with a same colour touch up paint stick or you can polish the car scratch out. Both have their uses but it all depends on the depth of the scratch  that needs to be removed. As a rule of thumb if the car scratch seams to disapear when you wet it with your finger then it is light enough to polish out, if not then... view