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We respray cars for lasting quality When ever we respray cars and other vehicles we get a great sense of turning time back. To take a vehicle that was scratched, dented and not looked after and make it flat and shiny again is a real accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if its a car respray, van or motorbike respray, all have their own challenges and reasons for being resprayed. To respray car correctly all the bumpers, moldings, mirrors and any other trims that are easily removed should be... view

Car resprays – a cost effective solution to a new looking car If your car is a trusty runner and has not let you down for years but is now looking a little tired then maybe one of our car resprays is for you. Cars that are mechanically sound and well serviced are worth keeping these days as they can be handed down through the family for others to learn to drive etc. So when it drives like a dream but looks tatty maybe its time to get it resprayed and get it looking good again. A good... view