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Our UK salvage repair customer base is growing. Thanks to the internet our customer base is growing well past the West Midlands, uk salvage is so popular that some of our customers are now coming from Manchester and London too! Our quality is guarenteed and our rates are lower than main stream London. No matter where you buy your damaged vehicles from we can repair them for you, some of our regular customers have them dropped to us straight from car salvage auctions(we only allow this if you have... view

Jigging a car or van – at the beginning At Bodywork Plus we do lots of accident repairs and salvage repairs so jigging a car or van is a process that we are very familiar with. Many, many years ago when we first started car body repair shops used to pull cars on a machine called a dozer. It used to have sill clamps that attached to the vehicle’s sills then a bar slid through and a pulling arm was attached to pull the vehicle straight again. It worked well and some companies still sell... view

Car jigging – the correct way to straighten a car. If you are a part time car repairer in your garage at home or run an accident repair centre you will know that a car jig is an important part of your equipment and that car jigging is second to non for vehicle body alignment. Jigging a car is the only way you will ever know your car is correctly aligned and will be ok to go back onto the road and drive straight again. We have heard many stories about people pulling car bodywork off trees... view