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Light cosmetic car scratch repairs.

car scratch repairsMinor cosmetic damage or car scratch repairs, whether done by getting shopping in and out of your car or by brushing past  branches on a country journey,  can be repaired by us without leaving a trace. There are many ways car scratch repairs can be done, each option has of course a different price due to the complexity of the repair so it is important to talk it through with us exactly what it is you want. It can range from a small nib and polish out right up to car scratch repairs that involve painting the whole panel or even in the case of car being key damaged down the side a complete side paint out.

Assessing the damage before car scratch repairs begin.

When looking at car scratch repairs the first thing we will do is assess the depth of the scratch, how many layers of the paintwork it has gone through and can the scratch be just polished out. If the scratch is only light, (basically if you wet it with your finger it seams to go) it can possibly be just polished out and there would be little or no charge. We have saved so many customers money by just polishing the area and re applying some top body wax. Not all car scratch repairs need painting so get our free advice first, we are here to help you as much as we can.

The cost of car scratch repairs can vary.

If the scratch cannot be polished out, we are left with repair and paint options. We can do small car scratch repairs from as little as £45 , re spraying a side for around £350 right up to our  car respray prices from £800 upwards. Costs vary depending on if you want all handles, trims and rubbers removed or everything just masked up. Either way is good for us, we will do whatever you want and all our work is fully guarenteed.

At Bodywork Plus we look at every car in isolation and by talking the job through with you, together we work out the best course of action and price. Car scratch repairs dont have to cost the earth but beware of cheap alternatives. Any good bodyshop should have a low bake oven to dry and harden your new paint if not your repair may not last as long as you are hoping.

For all your car scratch repairs please email us a photo