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If you are looking for the best car respray prices around to make your car look fresh and almost new again you have come to the right place. Bodywork Plus have vast experience in all aspects of car body repairs, accident repairs and car resprays, that combined with our passion to produce a beautiful first class job…is a formula for success.

car respray prices

car respray prices Birminghamcar respray prices Birmingham

There is a real beauty in completing a car respray, its like breathing new life into old and tired car bodywork. When your car has suffered bumps and scrapes over the years and it has always been loyal and reliable then maybe getting a car respray is the way to go instead of going to the expense of buying a new car. A reliable car is a car you know and trust so why not just get the bodywork and paintwork freshened up again.

Why car respray prices can vary.

Car resprays often vary in price from vehicle to vehicle as all cars are in different conditions with different amounts of damage they also have varying paint finishes and colours. Some are solid colours, while others have metallic paint, pearl finishes or even custom flip paintwork.

By talking to you in detail we get to understand how far you want us to go and what exactly it is you want.

“From mild to wild, from a quick clean up and blow over to showroom condition, we do it all and our car resprays quote will be reflected by this”.

One thing that is guarenteed, our car resprays are done by professionals that not only care about their work but they are proud of their work. Once you have had your car paintwork done by us, you will be proud of your vehicle again too.


Our low bake oven…perfect for clean, fresh paintwork!

All our paintwork is sprayed in our spray booth, this is a low bake oven that bakes the paint at 65 degrees and hardens the finish for maximum protection. Cars painted in bodyshops without a low bake oven will not have the same toughness and often lose their shine after a few months, sometimes weeks.

car respray prices


Here are just a few examples of car respray prices.

On a full respray all cars are stripped of the trims, handles and bumpers, the car body repair work is done and the whole car is sanded and primed where needed. After the car is prepped and painted the paintwork is checked for any minor imperfections or specs of dust, nibbed and polished all over. A final coat of hand glaze is applied before the car leaves our workshop, all this is built into the car respray cost.

Below a silver Suraru Impreza repaint – this car looked so clean and fresh once finished and it was done for one of our lads.

car respray prices car respray prices

Below a pearl blue Scoobie respray – this one was not too bad, just a freshen up really and sanded all the chipsaway from the front end. That’s the thing with high performance cars, they are nearly always heavily stone chipped on the front end.

car respray prices car resprays

Below a Corvette respray – our commercial sized oven is perfect for larger vehicles. Once painted, no matter how good our resprays are we always check them over and it is fine sanded where needed and polished to a showroom shine.

car respray prices car respray prices

car respray prices car respray prices

All cars are different and all customers have different needs. Some want a showroom shine, while others just want a no frills blow over. Whatever you want we can do it, you just have to contact us and let us know.

When getting car respray prices sure you can just email 10 different bodyshops online and wait for the quotes to come rolling in but is that really the best way to ensure you get the best quality work possible for the best price?

No, you just get the cheapest price quotes that often go up after the car is started.

We offer consistent, affordable quality….every time!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the rest of our site and when you are happy that we are high quality professionals give us a call or fill out our ‘contact form’.

Talking about what you want through can often get the best deal. Car respray prices vary, if we quote a price that is out of your budget then maybe we can tailor what you want with what you can afford… there is something for everyone, all you need to do is talk to us!

For fantastic quality and car respray prices that you can afford – contact us today.

car respray prices

Car respray prices