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Salvage repair cars by professional repairers

salvage repair carsWith over 30 years experience in car accident repairs and vehicle salvage repair cars we are a dependable and trusted bodyshop. We deal with both the public and many local traders that buy from salvage auction sites around the country, sites like copart salvage and blue cycle. There is no such thing as easy salvage but our guys certainly make some of the repairs look easy as their skills are second to non. Rick is a jig guy with over 30 years experience, his knowledge of pulling and measuring makes him one of the people other local bodyshops come to when a vehicle repair is heavy.

 Salvage repair cars that we are working on – Jaguar X Type

salvage repair carsThis page is based around a Jaguar X type salvage vehicle that we have just done. As you can see it has had a fairly heavy rear end crash and needs pulling on the car o liner jig and another rear end welded in. Salvage vehicles are often wrote off due to cost and not the fact that it cannot be repaired. This salvage car needs an o/s inner and outer quarter panel, tailgate, rear bumper, rear panel and boot floor, all were sourced in used parts keeping the overall cost down. This is how most vehicle salvage is repaired by using used parts, so make sure you source your parts when looking to buy a salvage vehicle. We hope you enjoy this photo series, it gives you an idea of just some of the things we can do.

salvage repair cars

salvage repair cars

salvage repair cars

salvage repairs

vehicle salvage

vehicle salvage jigging

vehicle salvage jigging

vehicle salvage cars

Salvage repair cars are what we do so well

As you can see from the above photos no job is too big for us. When thinking of buying your vehicle salvage keep us in mind for the repairs. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to put even the hardest hit of vehicles straight again. If buying from a salvage auction most will supply the parts too, remember the more quality parts you source the better the repair will be.  

  Salvage repair cars and vans. We do the jobs that others just can’t


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