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With rising vandalism repairing car scratches is getting increasingly common.

repairing car scratchesWe work hard for our money to get nice things around us so when our prized car gets scratched and needs car scratch repairs it is not only upsetting but can often be costly. There are different techniques for repairing car scratches, all have different prices due to the level of complexity and overall finish of the car scratch removal or repair. We can polish light scratches out, touch small scratches in using car touch up paint, we can sometimes effect a smart repair as we have a smart repair service that can do small minor paintwork repairs. If the car scratch is on a larger panel like a bonnet or roof or if it continues down the side of your car then it will need a complete panel respray or a side out respray. The good news is we can do all of the above techniques and get your car looking good again at a reasonable cost.


Repairing car scratches – full panel prep for large scratches

repairing car scratchesThis BMW had scratches on the passengers side quarter panel and rear bumper corner, they were so bad they could not be polished out or even touched in so the only way to repair the scratches on this car was a full panel repaint. We sanded the scratches out and applied some 2k primer, then prepped the BMW up ready for top top coat paint.

The rear bumper was removed and so was the door handle. We had to spray the door and sill cover to be able to blend the colour. I know blending often seems unnecessary to the non trade person but it really is the only way to guarantee a first class, non detectable paint finish. You want your car paint repair right and this is the way to do it.


The professional way to repairing car scratches – oven finishes

repairing car scratchesOnce this BMW was all prepped up and masked out for the final top coats it was put into our low bake oven. Oven car spraying in our opinion is the best way to ensure a dust free finish, even with our smart repair service our work is done in the oven. Water based car paint is designed to be sprayed at 22c and in controlled, stable conditions, the right tools for the right job brings success.

Repairing car scratches is only a small part of what we do and as a body shop we find that it is very rewarding. All car paint repairs are exciting because its an opportunity to reverse time and car damage, we put the car back to pre accident condition or nearly always better. These photos show how to repair scratch on car bodywork the professional way using the best car paint and ideal car spraying conditions.

‘When you bring your car to us you will not wonder if it will be right – you will know it will be right’

That is what we are known for, consistent quality and great prices. Getting car body repairs and car accident repairs right first time every time is our aim and we don’t miss that aim very often!


The finished car scratch repairs on this BMW

repairing car scratchesWith all the spraying finished this car was fitted up and the paintwork polished. Even with the best car spraying equipment there will still be tiny particles here and there in fresh paintwork so we polish every job. Yes, not only do we complete great car scratch repairs and good colour matching, we also polish your car to a beautiful luster as well.

To us the job of car body repairs, repairing car scratches etc is such a varied job it never gets boring or stressful. We are a small enthusiastic team of professionals that take great care in our work and are proud of every job. When a car is on our final car wash we walk around it and if it looks like it has never been repaired we have done our job correctly. That is the point of car repairs, to enhance a cars look or reverse the effects of damage.

If you were wondering, repairing car scratches on this BMW cost £325 +VAT. That was to remove the rear bumper and passenger side door handle. Repair the passenger quarter panel and rear bumper corner scratches. Paint the rear bumper, passengers side quarter panel, door and sill cover, then polish all the fresh paintwork. Not a bad price we think you will agree.

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