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A selection of some of the cars we have repaired over the years.

There are so many car resprays and accident repairs we have done over the years it is hard to decide which ones to show. Here are just a few for you to get an idea of the quality we aim for. We will be updating the site regularly so be sure to come back,  there will be many changes as we go forward. If there is anything you want to ask us then use our form on the ask us anything page. Many people have benefitted from this option and the answers often form the basis of our new posts adding value to our customers website experience .
car accident repairscar accident repairs
Corsa – C damaged on a post when coming out of a car park.
accident repairsaccident repairs
Panel pulled out and repaired, then 2k primed.
car body repairscar body repairs
In our low bake oven all painted and looking straight and fresh again.
car resprayscar resprays
Corvette – accident damaged and resprayed back to its former glory
car respray car respray
Corsa C show car – this car was viewed over 50,000 on the Corsa C club website
accident repairsaccident repairs
A Ferrari 355 GTS that we did accident repairs to the n/s quarter panel.
car accident repairsaccident repairs
car body repairscar body work repairs
Above an XK Jaguar that we painted, then polished & waxed to finish.

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