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Your car back to factory condition with a BMW respray. Bmw cars are a beautiful design and shape so when one gets damaged and needs a respray its nice to know that it can be done to a high standard... view

When vehicle scratch repairs are done wrong. This car was brought to us after the owner had his bonnet scratch repair done at a local ‘body shop’ through a friend. The end results were... view

Car respraying is what we do best Car resprays and car respraying take up a vast part or our week as it is something we love doing and are lucky enough to have many customers that appreciate our hard... view

  Salvage repair cars by professional repairers With over 30 years experience in car accident repairs and vehicle salvage repair cars we are a dependable and trusted bodyshop. We deal with both the public and many local traders that buy from salvage auction sites around the country, sites like copart salvage and blue cycle. There is no such thing as easy salvage but our guys certainly make some of the repairs look easy as their skills are second to non. Rick is a jig guy with over 30 years experience,... view

A car respray cost will vary – what do you want done? It is difficult to put an exact figure on a car respray cost without seeing the car that is to be worked on. When doing resprays there are quite a few factors that will alter the total cost, here are just a few: Does it need the whole car respraying inside and out or just the outside? What colour is it being resprayed, the same colour, colour change, custom paint? Are all the trims, handles, bumpers to be removed or masked up? Do you want... view

Car body repairs – what do we do? At Bodywork Plus Ltd we take on a variety of car body repairs, from a small dent or scratch repair right up to major accident repairs and vehicle jigging. Nothing is to big or too small for our trained professional team. Dent repairs – small or large panel dent repairs. Saving panels can be very cost effective. Scratch repairs – car scratch repairs, we can polish some scratches out at low cost, scratch touch ups. Bumper repairs – bumper... view

  There is so much variation in vehicle respray prices – why is this? Vehicle respray prices depend on quite a few factors. The quality of the body shop, the quality of the paint and materials used, are parts and moulding etc removed for a full car respray or is everything masked up?  As a body shop that offer a respray service we give our customers various options, from a clean tidy up with all the parts and mouldings masked up to a full showroom finish respray. We give our customers... view