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Jigging a car or van – at the beginning

jigging a carAt Bodywork Plus we do lots of accident repairs and salvage repairs so jigging a car or van is a process that we are very familiar with. Many, many years ago when we first started car body repair shops used to pull cars on a machine called a dozer. It used to have sill clamps that attached to the vehicle’s sills then a bar slid through and a pulling arm was attached to pull the vehicle straight again. It worked well and some companies still sell them but it did not give you panel alignment measurements, the panels were tried on and the car was pulled until the panels fitted correctly. This was ok until you came to the chassis legs, you cant keep trying the whole front end of a car on and off. This is when jigging a car became more important and a necessary process, know the job is right don’t guess.

Jigging a car or van – taking out the guess work

jigging a carSo jigging a car or van became a more specialized repair method, more advance and far more precise. It was about time when a vehicle was in need of accident repairs and car bodywork that the industry came up with the car jig systems. The words ‘jig car’ became common in all car accident repair centres, smaller repairs were pulled on dozers and floor pulling systems and the heavier work like vehicle salvage was put on the car jig. Over the years the car jig systems progressed, multi pull towers were added so pulling boot floors and chassis legs came out much more evenly. Jigging brackets were introduced and the ladder measuring systems all made the job of pulling and measuring a car more technical but also defined. Pulling a car to brackets or to the correct body dimensions made the precision aspect far more tuned. After all if you have just had an accident in your pride and joy you would want it body re aligned correctly, they was it was when it left the factory!

Come to the professionals – jigging a car is a must for precise alignment

We offer a full vehicle jigging service, cars, vans, motor vehicle salvage, if it is in need of pulling and measuring we are happy to take it on for you. We have over 20 years experience in the vehicle accident repair industry and our car jigging is all done to a high standard. When your car or van is jigged by us on our car o liner jig it will be right, the panels will just slot on and you will have complete piece of mind. Don’t forget, we also do the complete accident repair service, from accident to back on the road including all the jig work, paneling, vehicle prep and paint, then polished and fitted back up like new again!

Jigging a car

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