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How much is a car respray

This is a popular question among car forums and club sites and it very much depends on what it is you are looking for. There are cheap resprays where garages will just scuff your car over and paint it, the masking is often bad, the rust painted over and it will be just resprayed and out with no polishing etc. That is fine if that is what you are paying for and wanted, a no frills job.

There are also car resprays where the car is stripped to a shell, of all trims including paint and then prepped and painted to a top class showroom finish, polished to perfection, flawless.

These are two ends of a very large spectrum of car respray quality, respraying a car can mean so many different things!

This is why it is so important to get a full car respray quote for exactly what it is you want!

When cheap resprays go wrong.

Not so long ago a guy with a Mercedes came to us and said “would you respray my car even if someone else has already started it and done a bodge job?”

We are willing to take on any car regardless of what its condition even if someone has started it and made a right mess as we know we have the experience to put any car bodywork or paintwork right.

cheap respraycheap car respray

how much is a respray like this?bad car bodywork

As you can see from the above photos, this car had been started by someone that did not have much of a clue about respraying a car and the reason the owner came to us. The primer is over the rust on the arches and the former repairer had allowed primer over spray on the door rubbers and door shuts etc…….not good at all,  we had to wash it all off with paint thinners first before we started work. This is a classic ‘cheap respray’ often done by a non professional DIY guy that thinks car bodywork is easy but he just don’t make the grade.

Respraying a car on a budget.

There are always ways to keep car body respray prices down if a customer is on a budget. Masking up trims, leaving the bumpers on, things like that will all reduce the final car respray cost. It is up to you the customer at the end of the day, it’s your car and you know what it is you want.

There are some things that cannot and will not be compromised by us, quality materials and paints is one, doing the job the ‘right way’ is another. We can offer a great full car respray quote knowing that our quality is consistent, right every time not just ‘now and again’. A good car respray price for a quality job is worth its weight in gold. We don’t rip our customers off with talking hype, we just give great value for money, after all money is tight at the moment…..for everyone and we know that!

how much is a car respray?respraying a car

car body respray pricesmercedes resprays

bodywork plus ltdcar resprays birmingham

The above photos show the kind of job we do, all in our spray booth. The car is prepped, sprayed and then polished….lovely.

If you want a car respray price that suits your pocket please contact us, our prices are competitive.

Remember car body respray prices vary from garage to garage, so does quality… greatly! So please do your research on garages first then you will see what we are offering is genuine.

Take a look through our website at the examples shown, all car respray photos are our work.

We look forward to hearing from you.



How much is a car respray? Find out today.

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