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Is your E Type Jaguar looking tired and needs respraying?

We take on all sorts of interesting work and classic car bodywork is no exception. We are thrilled when an English iconic classic comes through our doors needing attention to detail and a fresh new coat of paint. 

The car below we did for a restoration company in Bridgnorth,  they restored the whole car nut by nut including an engine rebuild and a re upholstered interior. Our part was to refinish the body inside and out and as you can see it was beautiful when we had finished our part.

classic car bodywork  E Type jag bodywork

classic car spraying  classic car bodywork


For us it is a joy take on repairs from an all over polish right up to a full bare metal respray. Doing classic car bodywork is as much a labor of love as it is a job and our many customers are always happy with the results.

If you have an E Type Jaguar or any other classic car for that matter, if it needs restoring then give us a shout through our contact page, we will be happy to help.


Classic car bodywork by professionals that care.

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