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Fiat Punto accident repairs. This Fiat Punto owner came to us the other day after someone had ran into the rear of her car. We handled the non fault accident claim and put the customer straight into a replacement car. We then contacted the other persons insurance company and got the accident repairs authorized straight away. There is no need to claim on your own insurance policy if the accident was not your fault, just give us a call and we can sort it all out for you saving you time and unwanted stress. Assessing... view

Our UK salvage repair customer base is growing. Thanks to the internet our customer base is growing well past the West Midlands, uk salvage is so popular that some of our customers are now coming from Manchester and London too! Our quality is guarenteed and our rates are lower than main stream London. No matter where you buy your damaged vehicles from we can repair them for you, some of our regular customers have them dropped to us straight from car salvage auctions(we only allow this if you have... view

Frequently Asked Questions Many of our visitors who use the ‘ask us anything’ form gain interesting and useful information from us about car body repairs. It is a good way for you to get to know your repairer and feel comfortable with them before you spend your money. The most frequently asked questions are posted on this page to keep them all in one place and easy to find. If you have a question you would like to know the answer to just use the ask us anything web form and we will... view

Vehicle salvage repairs – safety is everything – then looking good. Vehicle salvage repairs are becoming more common these days as insurance companies are writing vehicles off to eliminate car hire charges, as a result vehicle salvage repairs are on the rise and the need for professional vehicle salvage repairers is increasing. It is easy to get yourself a nice piece of motor salvage from websites like, Blue Cycle or even Ebay but bear in mind that vehicle salvage repairs should... view

Vehicle salvage – getting yourself a real bargain Motor vehicle salvage has for years been a popular way of either,  getting yourself a nearly new car at a fraction of retail prices or a way of making some good money while enjoying the vehicle salvage repairs process. It can be so exciting when you find a car you want then source all the parts and get it repaired by a qualified vehicle salvage repairer like us.  A high percentage of cars these days are written off by cost not because the... view