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Accident repairs on a Nissan pickup. Quality car accident repairs don’t have to break your bank account. We know that money is tight at the moment, so money spent with us is money well spent. We will give you the very best service at competitive rates. This Nissan pickup came to us after the owners friend backed into his doors. He didn’t want to go through his insurance so we repaired it privately at a cost that was less than his £600 excess. We often repair smaller accident repairs... view

We respray cars for lasting quality When ever we respray cars and other vehicles we get a great sense of turning time back. To take a vehicle that was scratched, dented and not looked after and make it flat and shiny again is a real accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if its a car respray, van or motorbike respray, all have their own challenges and reasons for being resprayed. To respray car correctly all the bumpers, moldings, mirrors and any other trims that are easily removed should be... view

Car respraying is what we do best Car resprays and car respraying take up a vast part or our week as it is something we love doing and are lucky enough to have many customers that appreciate our hard work and effort. We look at car respraying as breathing new life into old and tired paintwork, putting a brand new coat over a car, turning back time to before the defects and damage occurred. It is a skill and an art that gives us great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.   Car respray... view

Why use a low bake oven for car paintwork repair and car spraying? This is a question asked by many customers who are interested to know more about correct car paintwork repair, car spraying  or car painting whichever term you prefer to use. Low bake ovens are specially designed to create a stable and dust free atmosphere for car spraying. They are highly filtered to protect the environment from harmful paint gases and also to provide the painter with dust free conditions to paint cars in. Apart... view

Car bodywork repairs – what do we do? At Bodywork Plus Ltd we take on a variety of car bodywork repairs, from a small dent or scratch repair right up to major accident repairs and vehicle jigging. Nothing is to big or too small for our trained professional team. Dent repairs – small or large panel dent repairs. Saving panels can be very cost effective. Scratch repairs – car paint scratch repairs, we can polish some scratches out at low cost, scratch touch ups. Bumper repairs... view