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Fiat Punto bare metal respray. If you are looking for a bare metal respray you have come to the right people, with over 30 years experience in car body work we are passionate about what we do. This page is about a Fiat Punto that we took from “no car to show car!” It was a tatty car to start with, the paint was flaking off the plastics, dents in the panels but all that was about to change. We bare metal resprayed the car putting everything right and doing body modifications too. It was... view

How much is a car respray?  This is a popular question among car forums and club sites and it very much depends on what it is you are looking for. There are cheap resprays where garages will just scuff your car over and paint it, the masking is often bad, the rust painted over and it will be just resprayed and out with no polishing etc. That is fine if that is what you are paying for and wanted, a no frills job. There are also car resprays where the car is stripped to a shell, of all trims including... view

Your car back to factory condition with a BMW respray. Bmw cars are a beautiful design and shape so when one gets damaged and needs a respray its nice to know that it can be done to a high standard without using a BMW specialist. Using a BMW specialist repair centre can often give you a hefty bill without you seeing anything extra for your money. A spray booth does not know what car is inside it, a spray gun has no idea what car it is being pointed at, there is no such thing as ‘special... view

When vehicle scratch repairs are done wrong. This car was brought to us after the owner had his bonnet scratch repair done at a local ‘body shop’ through a friend. The end results were shocking but even worse is ‘how’ it was repaired. The scratch had been filled in with body filler instead of being sanded out and the whole bonnet had been left smooth instead of being sanded down, it had been painted this way. Fixing car scratches is something we do a lot of, it’s... view

With rising vandalism repairing car scratches is getting increasingly common. We work hard for our money to get nice things around us so when our prized car gets scratched and needs car scratch repairs it is not only upsetting but can often be costly. There are different techniques for repairing car scratches, all have different prices due to the level of complexity and overall finish of the car scratch removal or repair. We can polish light scratches out, touch small scratches in using car... view