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Car resprays – a cost effective solution to a new looking car

If your car is a trusty runner and has not let you down for years but is now looking a little tired then maybe one of our car resprays is for you. Cars that are mechanically sound and well serviced are worth keeping these days as they can be handed down through the family for others to learn to drive etc.

So when it drives like a dream but looks tatty maybe its time to get it resprayed and get it looking good again. A good quality respray can transform the look and feel of any car and the cost of respraying your car doesn’t have to break the bank.

Car resprays – getting your car looking good again

Our vehicle resprays are done to a high standard. The first thing we do it take off all the trims, bumpers, handles and basically anything that will unbolt to save us masking it up when the job is being prepped and painted. Once everything is removed we go around the car with a marker and identify all the dents and scuffs so nothing gets missed. When all the car body repairs are done it gets prepped, painted and polished before being fitted back together again. Car resprays are something we have done for years so our fully trained staff will make sure your car will look as good as it possibly can within your budget.

Car resprays, van resprays and motor bike resprays

We don’t just do car resprays, over the years we have done vans, motor bikes and even custom resprays! Making a vehicle look good again is our specialty. There is something magical about transforming a car, bike or van back to looking nice and fresh again. The crisp look of fresh paintwork is something that first attracted us to car body repairs and painting, it’s something that always makes us feel good.

Below is a Ferrari 355 respray – it have been in a few scrapes and the owner wanted it looking like new again. This was one of our full car resprays inside and out. It was done about 6 years ago (at our old unit in Stourbridge) and it still looks good to this day.

car resprays

car resprays

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  1. Betty Ratcliffe
    3:21 pm on July 8th, 2011

    You described my car exactly on this page, ‘trusty runner’ but looks, ‘tired & tatty’. After reading about your years of experience @ Bodywork Plus & seeing your before/after pictures, I would have no hesitation to put my trusty runner in your capable hands.

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