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Car respraying is what we do best

car respraysCar resprays and car respraying take up a vast part or our week as it is something we love doing and are lucky enough to have many customers that appreciate our hard work and effort. We look at car respraying as breathing new life into old and tired paintwork, putting a brand new coat over a car, turning back time to before the defects and damage occurred. It is a skill and an art that gives us great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.


Car respray costs can vary, you can have a budget blow over where all the bumpers and parts are left on and masked up. Or you can spend more and have all the bumpers, trims, mirrors etc removed. The car respray cost is directly related to the time spent on your car, we always use the best paint and materials possible as we know that cheap products don’t last and as we are a body shop that intends to be around for many years to come then quality is paramount.

Car respraying a Mercedes S500 on a budget

car resprayingcar respraying

This Mercedes S500 respray was requested to be done on a tight budget. The customer had already had it started by someone else and they had made a bit of a mess with the repairs and their overall approach was just wrong and non professional. Anyway (enough about them), we took it on and did our very best with the money he had. We did remove the handles, mirrors, rear lamps but left the front and rear bumper on. All rubbers and trims were lifted off the body as Mercedes do have tight rubbers that sit directly on the paintwork.

We completed all the body repairs and removed all the stone chips from the bonnet, the front bumper was stone chipped and the roof had small rust spots spidering under the paintwork so we sanded them out too. The rear bumper had a bad previous smart repair on it so we straightened that up and the boot lid was sprayed just for colour.

Car respraying on a budget and still a great job

car resprayingcar respraying

Even though we had a tight time restriction on this car we still managed to do a nice job of the respray. The above photos show it just after it had been sprayed, we baked it off then left it for a few days before polishing it over.

Car respraying done by us will always be a nice job as we don’t do bodging and hate rough traders. Money is tight, so we give you great value for your money. A happy customer is not only good word of mouth advertising but is often a customer for life. Treat people well and they will come back!

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One Response to “Car Respraying Merc S500”

  1. Mr Amir
    8:09 pm on December 11th, 2011

    Dear Steve,
    Thank you for such a fantastic paint job that you have done on my S500 Mercedes. Finally i have found a bodyshop that is honest, reliable, very reasonable on price and does sheer quality workmanship. My family and friends have said that the car is like brand new. I would recommend your company to anyone thinking of having their car body repaired or a perfect paint job. You have made a customer and a friend for life.thank you

    Come on Draytons mercedes this is the company that you should contract to for all your mercedes customers.

    Mr Amir

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