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A car respray cost will vary – what do you want done?

M3 BMW ResprayIt is difficult to put an exact figure on a car respray cost without seeing the car that is to be worked on. When doing resprays there are quite a few factors that will alter the total cost, here are just a few:

Does it need the whole car respraying inside and out or just the outside?

What colour is it being resprayed, the same colour, colour change, custom paint?

Are all the trims, handles, bumpers to be removed or masked up?

Do you want it polished to showroom condition or just a budget job doing?

In our experience there is not a ‘one size fits all’ car respray cost as all vehicles will be damaged differently.

A rough car respray cost guide

As a rough guide we would say that on a standard sized car like a Fiesta a car respray cost for a same colour respray would start around £800. That would be a fairly straight car with no major car body repairs or rust patches. We would do all the dents, prep and paint the car in our low bake oven, then nib and polish any paint particles.

A larger car like a Mondeo or Vectra would start at about £1250, this is due to extra paint and materials etc.

Like we have said it is quite hard to quote a car we are not looking at so the best way for us to be more accurate is for you to either email us some photos of your car or bring it down in person.

It is so much better to talk through with you what you are hoping to have done, that way your expectaions are set and we will not miss anything out.

For your car respray call 01384 566688 or just pop down.

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