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Assessing car paintwork scratch removal options

car paintwork scratch removalThere are only a few ways of dealing with car paintwork scratch removal without panel painting, you can either touch the car scratch in with a same colour touch up paint stick or you can polish the car scratch out. Both have their uses but it all depends on the depth of the scratch  that needs to be removed. As a rule of thumb if the car scratch seams to disapear when you wet it with your finger then it is light enough to polish out, if not then a paint touch up will be needed or a full car scratch repair will be necessary.

Car paintwork scratch removal by polishing

If you wet your finger and and brush it over your car scratch, if it almost disapears then there is a great chance it can just be polished out. Scratch removal on cars by polishing can be either straight polished out or by wet sanding with 2000 grit paper and polished out, both are an easy process.

Car scratch removal by straight polishing out is just a case of getting some T cut or G3 polishing compound, taking a soft cloth and slowly polishing the area until the scratch is gone. After the car scratch is gone apply a coat of wax for extra sheen and water protection.

If the scratch is a little deeper and will not just polish out then you will need to use a car paintwork scratch removal technique called wet sanding and polishing. Take some fresh water with a little soap in in and some 2000 grit flatting paper. Soak the paper for a few minutes to soften up then lightly sand the area where the scratch is. Only do a few rubs over the scratch with the paper then dry off with a cloth and check the progress. If the scratch goes like before with your wet finger then you are ready to polish back up. Take some G3 polishing compound and a cloth and polish the area back up removing all the fine sanding scratches, finish the job with some wax.

If after sanding the car scratch for about 10 passes the scratch is still there then it will not come out by polishing and will need a professional car scratch repair and paint.

Touch up sticks for car paintwork scratch removal

If you have wet your scratch and realised that it is too deep to polish then a paint touch up stick will be needed or a professional scratch repair. Try the touch up stick first, it will not be an invisible scratch repair but it is the cheapest option before you move on to bodyshop scratch repairs. So clean the panel and carefully touch the scratch in with your touch up pen. If it is a base and clear colour make sure you touch it up with a clear coat too for protection.

Professional car paintwork scratch removal

If all of the above is not for you then we are happy to do it for you. We will go through all the options for you. A simple polish will be about £10 per panel or if you need touch up we can supply that at £5.50 inc some clear coat. If your panel needs painting we start at £90 + VAT per panel or if more than one panel is in need of car scratch repairs then we have combination prices, give us a call to find out more about our car painting estimates.

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