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Why use a low bake oven for car paintwork repair and car spraying?

car spraying in our low bake ovenThis is a question asked by many customers who are interested to know more about correct car paintwork repair, car spraying  or car painting whichever term you prefer to use. Low bake ovens are specially designed to create a stable and dust free atmosphere for car spraying. They are highly filtered to protect the environment from harmful paint gases and also to provide the painter with dust free conditions to paint cars in. Apart from filtration they are also designed to maintain a constant air temperature while spraying, usually about 22c and of course to bake the new paintwork so that it is tough and durable, this is done at 65c metal temperature. So in many ways the low bake oven is an absolute must for car paintwork repair and car spraying, any professional bodyshop should have one not only for their qualities to produce great car paintwork but also they are a government requirement.

Now you know what a low bake oven does it is easy to see that this specialist equipment is a must if you are looking to have your car paintwork repair or general car body repairs done correctly. High paintwork standards can only be achieved in a low bake oven as the finish comes off the gun first, before any nibbing and polishing is done. A great paint job starts with an ‘off the gun finish’. This is because in our controlled oven every coat of paint is sprayed at exactly the same temperature and all the overspray (the paint not going on the car) is sucked away and not falling back onto the nice new paint job. Overspray that falls back onto fresh paintwork can create poor finish hold up over time and can often be seen on a job that is 6 -12 months old after painting. If you are looking for a fantastic finish on your car body repairs then our oven is one of the ways it is done. The filters ensure that any particles in the air are captured, leaving a dust free, crisp and deep gloss finish – car paintwork repair just doesn’t get much better than that!

What happens when a low bake oven is not used in the car paintwork repair process?

Have you ever seen a car that has been sprayed and looks really nice for a while then over a few weeks the gloss has dropped and the overall finish is quite dull? It is a common thing among the cheaper scale of car body repairs, bodyshops that have not invested in a low bake oven are usually cheaper, that is because they are not paying to have the correct equipment to do your car. All two part paints nowadays need to be dried at 65c. As most colours now are base and clear coat the only way for your car to be fully protected after a car paintwork repair is if it has been baked. The heat creates the chemical reaction in the paints make-up and that is what makes it harden, failure to bake the paint will leave it soft, easy to scratch and often dull.

Spotting car spraying that has not been done in a low bake oven.

When looking at a car paintwork repair that has not been done in an oven there will be tell tale signs, here are just a few:

  • The overall finish will not have a deep lustre, it will often be hazy and the finish uneven.
  • If the finish has been sprayed with lots of particles in it then it will have been ‘flatted’ and polished. Non baked paintwork will drop in shine after a while as the drying process takes place. Yes it can be buffed back up but it will drop down again, it just is not fully dry because it was not dried at 65c.
  • Where dust and particles are ‘nibbed’ out of the final finish fine scratches are left. These scratches are polished out but again they will come back, non cured paintwork will take months to dry out fully so you will not have that  tough durability to protect your base colour.

Good car paintwork repair and car spraying needs the right conditions.

The low bake oven is the ultimate environment for car painting control. The heat is controlled, the air flow is controlled, all overspray is removed and not left to settle in the fresh paintwork. The air is changed as often as 6 times or more per minute so it is fresh and particle free, providing the car is maked up cleanly the job will be beautiful. The air supply is dried and filtered before it reaches the spray gun so there will be no particles in the airline.  Finally the car will be baked and the tough ‘2k paint’ will form a protective layer once again, protecting your car finish.

All our work is sprayed in our low bake oven and baked… the way it should be!

car paintwork repair
car paintwork repair

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