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Getting Car Painting Estimates Right!

Here at Bodywork Plus Ltd we pride ourselves on providing not only the highest quality service you can find anywhere in the West Midlands, but also at prices that are superbly competitive. We are known for providing consistent, dependable quality to our customers and  aim for every job to be right first time! We know there are many body shops out there and the choice can be sometimes endless so have a look around our site…when your car is repaired by us you will not be disappointed.

Below is an example of a scuffed car paintwork repair finished in our oven.

car painting estimates car painting estimates

Whether it is just a small scratch repair, accident repairs or full car respraying you are after we can cater for all your needs. Our car painting estimates range from a £45 smart repair right up to a full respray, starting from £800 and up to £1000′s, all our work is guaranteed and of a very high quality. We use the best paints and materials to ensure your car will continue looking good for years to come. All our work is painted in our low bake oven to ensucostsre maximum paint flow and toughness, and then it is polished and waxed for extra protection.

Car Painting Estimates – Not Nightmares!

Be aware - cheap car resprays and paintwork will not last as the lower-cost materials, base coats and clear coat spray paint will not stand the test of time. Cutting costs on materials is a real no no, and so is doing vehicle painting and body repairs outside of a low bake oven as it does not dry the same in an open workshop or have the same durability for long term protection. We all want a finish that will last so why cut corners and go for a cheaper second rate job? The whole point of having your vehicle repaired and sprayed will be lost if you do not choose your repairer wisely, we are known for consistency. Right first time… every time!

Car Painting Estimates That Suit You

When doing car painting estimates and looking at car painting costs there is much to consider, each of you will want something different and it is important to go though with us exactly what you want. Some people want just a quick tidy up and blow over while others want a full body block down and a high polished finish. Either way our car painting estimates can satisfy even the most demanding of requirements as long as you bear in mind that the more you want the more it will cost as all the extra processes take time and materials.

So go ahead and give us a call. We are happy to go through with you all the options and car painting costs. Be specific, do you want all the trims removed? Do you want your car blocked all over then polished to a showroom shine? If you just want a quick tidy-up and a blow-over with all the trims masked up that’s OK too!  For the best car painting estimates, just call us!
car scratch repairs

Whatever your car bodywork and car painting needs call - 01384  5666 88


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