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Car jigging – the correct way to straighten a car.

car jiggingIf you are a part time car repairer in your garage at home or run an accident repair centre you will know that a car jig is an important part of your equipment and that car jigging is second to non for vehicle body alignment.

Jigging a car is the only way you will ever know your car is correctly aligned and will be ok to go back onto the road and drive straight again. We have heard many stories about people pulling car bodywork off trees and posts, sure you can pull a car that way but you will never be able to measure the body dimensions or ever know that the car is straight. Using a car jig is the professional way to get the body straight, jigging a car is crucial for professional accident repairs and piece of mind.

Car o liner bench rack drive on jig – car jigging with precision

car jiggingWe use a car o liner bench rack jig for all our jig jigging and car pulling. It has a great drive on feature that allows easy access not like the older car jig systems that you used to have to jack the car up on stands then slid the heavy jig underneath. Jigging a car used to be a back breaking thing but now with the newer car jig lift type, there is more ease to the system. With the multi pull towers and the measuring system this vehicle jig is perfect for even the largest of smashes, it brings real piece of mind knowing the car or van is straight. There really is no substitute for having the body dimensions correct, the panels all align beautifully and the whole job is back to factory specs. If you do vehicle salvage or heavy accident repairs then our services are for you. If you do not have your own car jig then we will do your car jigging for you, we can even do the whole repair including the prep and paintwork in our low bake oven.

Our car jigging services

We take on all sorts of jig work from all kinds of customers, from one guy businesses that don’t have a car jig, vehicle salvage buyers that just want their cars pulled straight then sell them on, right up to busy body shops that are over busy and need to outsource some of their car jigging. We have a set fee of £200 to put your car on our car jig then we charge £29.00 per hour to do the pulling, panel work and welding. Of course we can do anything from just pulling and measuring your car right up to full accident repairs including all the prepping and spraying in our low bake oven.

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Remember car jigging is the only way you will know your accident repairs are truly straight!

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