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Dont leave your car in reverse or a car body work repair might be needed!

car body work repairThis customer came to us for a car body work repair on his Honda Civic. Leaving his car in reverse his friend pressed the ‘start’ button starting the car and jolting it backwards into a low wall! Oops not good at all, the good news was the car body work was all repairable saving him hundreds off needing a new rear bumper. This guy had got quite a few local body shop prices in Birmingham but when they saw the colour they did not want to do the job. We took the body work repair on as our colour matching system is good and we are known for repairing difficult damage and colours. The tailgate and whole bumper needed repairing including the grey textured section too.

Honda Civic car body work repair in photos.

car body work repaircar body work repair

car body shop repairscar body shop repairs

body repairbody repair

With all the body repairs done we 2k primed the car and got it ready to paint. All our spraying is done in our spray booth so consistent quality is maintained, every professional body shop will have an oven, it bakes the car at 65c and hardens the paint.

We had already colour matched the car when it came in and prepared a spray out of the closest match so when it came to spraying there was no worries about colour. We sprayed the car and fitted it back together. It is then checked for and tiny dirt nibs and polished ready to go. I forgot to take a final photo on our car wash (oops) but you can see from the above photos the car was really nice in the spray booth and we only blended the colour keeping lots of original body colour to match the rest of the car.  We are doing car painting estimates all the time so don’t hesitate to contact us when you are in need of some repairs.

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