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Car body spraying – quality is more than just chance

car body sprayingWith over 20 years in the car body spraying industry we know that achieving a good quality spray job is far more than just chance. There are so many factors that go into high quality spraying and that is what makes it a specialised job,  only experienced repair specialists should take on a vehicle respray using the right spray guns and a low bake oven as controlled conditions are vital.

Consistent quality relies upon dependable conditions and the best equipment available, HVLP sprayguns, air dryers before the air goes into the oven, a quality low bake oven with multiple are changes per minute. A good oven removes all the overspray before it has a chance to settle back onto the sprayed car, giving a higher quality finish.

There is a certain amount of chance to car body spraying but as professionals we control our destiny by eliminating all the possible negative possibilities.

What factors go into good car body spraying?

car body sprayingThere are so many factors that go into producing a quality spray job, things that the average guy does not even consider. It is a set of controlled conditions and good preparation that creates a fantastic car respray. Some factors are:

Air temperature – its must be set just right about degrees is about right.

Masking – all the masking must be clean and tight so no paint gets on the car.

Paint mixture – the paint mixture needs to be correct for the temperature.

Spraygun set up – all sprayguns must be adjusted right for the perfect spray pattern.

There are many more factors but the above give you an idea of whats involved in doing quality car body spraying.

The final stages of good car body spraying

car body sprayingWith the car all masked up and in the low bake oven ready for spraying the final stages are close. There are always a few nerves at this point because even the best experienced repair specialists and car sprayers know that anything can go wrong.

What could go wrong? The spray gun lid could become lose and drip on the job, the masking could lift on an edge and create dust on the job, the paint sprayer could step on the airline and restrict the air to the spraygun, the airline could touch the car body when moving around the job and many more things that we care not to mention.

The good thing is as professionals we have done all of the above over the years, if a painter tells you otherwise they are being dishonest. I supose that is what defines the amature and the professional, the professional has done it all and knows exactly how to produce that high quality spray job. Not only can turn out quality car body spraying but he can consistently produce it by monitoring his conditions and environment making sure all the deciding factors are under his control.

Consistent quality car body spraying

Here at Bodywork Plus Ltd we have over 20 years of experience with vehicle preparation and car body spraying. We have done everything from small blow in’s and smart repairs right up to award winning custom paintwork. Candy finishes, metal flake finishes and even chromaflair and chrome paint at over £250 per litre. Show cars are of course higher car spraying prices as the attention to detail using tricky paints takes much more time.

Our work is consistently high quality and dependable. When your car comes to us for a respray you can be sure it will be done to a high standard with no corners cut or cheap products used. Our car respray prices are competitive for the high quality we produce, just make sure you are comparing like for like. Any car body repairs shop without a low bake oven will have lower car spraying prices but is trading environmentally illegal and will not be able to spray your car in the needed controlled conditions or be able to bake the final finish at the required 65 degrees metal temperature.

If you want quality car body spraying done by highly skilled professionals call 01384 566688

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