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Car accident repairs – a specialists job

Welcome the Bodywork Plus Ltd, car accident repairs specialists based in Cradley Heath, West Midlands. With over 20 years experience dealing with all aspects of insurance accident repairs, private accident repairs, minor car body repairs, car jigging, and vehicle resprays we are the team you can trust.

When it comes to car accident repairs – specialist equipment is vital

In our fully equipt 7000sqft car body repair centre we have all the necessary equipment to produce high class body repairs.

car accident repairsOur major accident repairs are done on a car o liner jig for precision pulling and measuring. Our trained jig guys do just that, they are on the car jig every day so you can imagine the expertise they have built up over the years. What they dont know about progressive pulling and jigging a car is not worth knowing. When dealing with accident damaged cars that need to be pulled back to manufacturer body alignment specifications then there really is only one way and that is on a car jig. Any car body repair centre not using a car jig on heavy crash repairs are not being responsible and you shouldthink twice about having your car repaired there.

car accident repairs

Spraying is carried out in our low bake oven to ensure some of the best particle free paint finishes you will find anywhere in the West Midlands. All our work is painted in high quality water based paint and the clear coat is baked on at 65 degrees metal temperature. Only at this constant temperature can 2k paints be fully cured for toughness and paintwork protection. Paintwork that is not sprayed in a low bake oven will not have the same durable finish so beware of cheaper jobs done in open workshops, they will not have that same lasting finishes. We are proud of our car paintwork repair and bodywork, so we hope you will be too. It is our aim to make your car look like it was never in an accident, that is one of the whole points of quality car accident repairs, an undetectable finish. 

 The service we provide for car accident repairs

If your car has been in a car accident and you need an accident repair quote then give us a call. If the crash repairs are only minor then we can often repair your car for less than your insurance excess. If you do need to make an insurance claim then we can deal with that for you too.

When dealing with your insurance company all we need is your claim reference number and we can do the rest. We will compile a full estimate and submit it to your insurance company for approval. Once approved we will collect your car and leave you a replacement car while the accident repairs are being carried out. Your car will then be repaired, painted and cleaned and bought back to you.

It is our aim to make the whole accident repair process as easy as possible, after all car accident repairs should not disrupt your life any more than they have to.

For quality car accident repairs call 01384 566688


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