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VW car accident repairs – side swiped with post and sill damage


car accident repairscar accident repairs

We do car accident repairs, van repairs anything and from very minor bolt on wings and doors right up to heavier accident repairs and car jigging. All our work is pulled and checked on the car o liner bench rack car jig, we take no chances in vehicle alignment, it has to be right and safe.

accident repairsaccident repairs

This VW needed the side pulling and was then taken off the car jig to finish the panel work on the floor while other cars were being jigged. You can see it has taken quite a nasty side swipe, the doors were replaced for used doors as this was a vehicle salvage repair for a local customer and the ‘B’ post and sill section was new. In the above pic we have pulled the car out and cut off the unwanted damaged sill and post sections.

car accident repairscar accident repairs

Next the new panels were offered on and the joints cut ready for welding. At this point the doors are tried on to make sure all the gaps are good and the swage lines are correctly aligned. There is often quite a lot of time spent here as we want to make sure every accident repair is just right before welding the car back together.

vehicle accident repairsvehicle accident repairs

With all the side panels welded in and the doors bolted back on this car was done and ready to go off for prep and paint. We completed this car accident repair for a local trader so we never got to prep and paint it back to its original condition. To see our paintwork and a rough guide of respray prices click the link car respray prices.

Please note that we only use pre used parts on vehicle salvage repairs and they are mostly supplied by our customers. All our insurance work is done using genuine new parts and panels supplied by our main dealer.

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