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Accident repairs on a Nissan pickup.

Quality car accident repairs don’t have to break your bank account. We know that money is tight at the moment, so money spent with us is money well spent. We will give you the very best service at competitive rates. This Nissan pickup came to us after the owners friend backed into his doors. He didn’t want to go through his insurance so we repaired it privately at a cost that was less than his £600 excess. We often repair smaller accident repairs for less than customers excesses, it’s sometimes better for everyone involved. So below are a few photos of the Nissan pickup driver side doors we repaired.

car accident repairscar accident repairs

Both the bottom of the o/s doors were dented and needed pulling out.

car accident repairsaccident repairs

The majority of the dents are pulled out using our dent puller, then filled and primed.

The dents in the doors are first pulled out using an electric panel puller. When we have pulled the metal back to within a few millimeters of its original body shape, then we apply a light skim of quality Upol car body filler and sand it to shape. After we have got the body shape back to its pre-accident condition, then we apply a few good coats of 2k primer. (The word 2k primer means that it is a primer that sets chemically at warm temperature.) It is the best primer you can use for car body repairs as it keeps the car body work stable and prep marks free for years to come.

car body workcar body repairs

With filler and primer on, the doors stripped of trims & handles

Now the primer has been rubbed down the car can be masked up for painting. The handles were taken out and window rubbers lifted out of the way to make sure there are no masking lines or over spray. All our accident repairs are painted in our low bake oven using Max Meyer water based paint, mixed on our computer paint mixing scheme. Our colour matching is very good and our aim is to make the car look like it has never been touched.

accident repair accident repair

In the low bake oven masked and painted

As you can see above the Nissan pickup body repairs look nice and straight and the spray job really smooth. We blended the colour as there was plenty of good original undamaged paintwork to work with, this also ensures a great colour match to the rest of the vehicle side.

So thats it for this vehicle, we polished the paintwork and fitted all the parts back on and it was good to go!

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