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Car accident repairs, a Ferrari 355 GTS we repaired a while ago

This is a photo collection of a car accident repair we completed on a Ferrari 355 some years ago at our old unit in Belbroughton. The owner of this car lost control on a rainy day and caught the n/s quarter panel on a post. His insurance excess was so high (£1000) and he did not want to lose his no claim bonus so we repaired his car for less than his excess.

car accident repairscar accident repairs

The above photos are of the car right after the accident and before we started our accident repairs. As you can see the car had suffered a nasty scrape and the side panel is twisted out of shape. We removed the wheel and inner shield and started tapping the metal back out.

vehicle accident repairsvehicle accident repairs

With good access to the inside of the panel we started to push the dents back out. We noticed that this car showed signs of previous car accident repairs and in the same place, the panel was badly stretched and had body filler in it too. We tapped the metal back into shape using a hammer and dolly then sanded the whole area and applied a light skim of Upol body filler. Some car accident repairs are easier than others and as this car had excellent access to the inner panels it was fairly straight forward panel work.

car accident repairscar accident repairs

As you can see the lower section was already body filled so we just leveled that out with a block. The upper section had a few light skims of filler then it was 2k primed. It always looks like there is a lot of filler in body jobs but a lot of it get sanded back out and sucked up in the dust extraction system. The best way to get a panel really flat is to fill the whole area then block sand the excess out using a block and a good guide coat.

We don’t have any photos of this car in 2k primer but the next few show how flat the panel is in paint.

ferrari accident repairscar accident repairs

A few photos of the car painted and polished. All our work is polished no matter how good the paintwork is when it comes out of our low bake oven. We aim high, and our quality is recognized throughout the accident repairs industry. Car body repairs done with care and attention to detail should leave the car looking like it has not been touched, that is our aim every time.

car accident repairscar accident repairs

One completed accident repaired Ferrari. The customer was happy that we had repaired his car for less than his insurance excess and we were happy to see a classic car back to how it should be. We take on all sorts of car accident repairs and car resprays, all our work is carried out by enthusiastic professionals that love what they are doing. To them vehicle accident repairs is more that just a job, its an opportunity to reverse time and put a vehicle back to its pre accident condition….or better!

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