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Your car back to factory condition with a BMW respray.

Bmw cars are a beautiful design and shape so when one gets damaged and needs a respray its nice to know that it can be done to a high standard without using a BMW specialist. Using a BMW specialist repair centre can often give you a hefty bill without you seeing anything extra for your money.

BMW resprayBMW respray

A spray booth does not know what car is inside it, a spray gun has no idea what car it is being pointed at, there is no such thing as ‘special BMW paint’, so all these things makes us wonder, why is a BMW specialist so expensive?

It’s not for us to speculate here on this site, all we know is our fully trained car body repair staff have all the needed skills combined with our passion to get things right every time.

BMW respray – right first time every time.

Over the years we have worked on many types of cars, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes and of course this BMW M3 plus many more. With our vast experience we have to say that creating a fantastic respray has nothing to do with what type of car it is, its all about the skills used to get that car back into factory condition.

This M3 BMW respray was taken on in our Birmingham workshop, it came from miles away as we were more competitive than the customers ‘local BMW specialist’. The car was a BMW insurance total loss, it had taken a heavy o/s impact and was dented all round.

BMW resprayBMW respray Birmingham

It needed 2 o/s doors, a front bumper, inner and outer ‘B’ post and sills with a pull and repair on the floor. The roof was dented in 4 places, the bonnet had dents and scratches, the rear bumper had scuffs and scratches, it had to have a total respray as the damage was all over and there was no point in just doing the separate panels.

BMW respray Birminghambmw respray

As you can see from the photos this BMW respray turned what was a battered and dented classic car back into a stunning icon again. The prepping of vehicles and the application of fresh paint is something we love doing and our commercial spray booth is the perfect place to create a beautiful respray.

bmw m3 resprayrespray Birmingham

From damaged to stunning – BMW respray.

They say pictures can convey far more than words so here are a few final photos of the car before and after.

BMW M3 resprays


As you can see this BMW respray was finished to a high quality and the cost was far less than a so called “BMW specialist” would have charged. We receive 10+ emails per day about car respray cost, if you are looking for a quality respray give us a call today.

BMW Resprays in Birmingham

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