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Fiat Punto bare metal respray.

If you are looking for a bare metal respray you have come to the right people, with over 30 years experience in car body work we are passionate about what we do. This page is about a Fiat Punto that we took from “no car to show car!” It was a tatty car to start with, the paint was flaking off the plastics, dents in the panels but all that was about to change. We bare metal resprayed the car putting everything right and doing body modifications too. It was a joy to do and such a head turner when we finished.

Fiat Punto respray  Fiat Punto show car

bare metal respray  Fiat bare metal respray

bare metal repaint  Punto bare metal respray

The above pics show the car stripped to bare metal where needed, we left the paint on the door shuts as they were good solid factory paint. It is often best to decide where to bare metal and what original paintwork to leave on as the job progresses, we never strip all the paint off just for the sake of it.  It is worth remembering that original factory paintwork in good condition makes a great base to build on. Cars come out of the factory in quality primers that seal and protect the metal, it is only the elements and human error(bad prepping) that makes the outside of a car body shell rusty, tatty or with excess or flaking paintwork.

Reasons for doing a bare metal respray.

There are a few reasons why a bare metal respray is needed. When your car is of value to you and you want it to last but it is looking tired and tatty then a respray is a valid option but how far do you go? We determine if a vehicle needs most of the paintwork removing when it has either a high excess of paint that is chipping on the edges and has what is call shrinkage (bad previous repair scratches) over most of the body or if the vehicle is of high value and it needs to be assessed what is underneath at metal level.

Older cars over the years are often body filled and sometimes bodged to maintain them cheaply, this is not good if you intend to keep the car for some years or want to show it at an owners club. We have seen classic cars that have been body filled over newspaper/fiberglass, this is not good and greatly devalues the vehicle. Stripping a car back to bare metal is the only way to ensure you know what you have, like we have said it might not all have to come off, just the majority.

Back to the Fiat Punto Respray The car came to us a selection of colours and of different used parts which is fine when everything is being stripped. It had Fiat Abarth side skirt and bumper kit that was in red and flaking badly, the bonnet had been vented and the door locks had been punctured with a screwdriver at some point. All these defects make no difference when the paint is coming off anyway and the bodywork will be primed and block sanded to a nice ripple free finish.

Below are pics that were taken for our customer to catalog the job progress, it also ads value and proof of work when you sell the car on.

Punto & Peugeot 106 048  Punto & Peugeot 106 050

Punto & Peugeot 106 082  Punto & Peugeot 106 085

Punto & Peugeot 106 135  Punto & Peugeot 106 129

It is one of the nice things in life to take a vehicle, strip it back bare and rectify its faults, that’s what we do and we enjoy it! This is the reason we no longer take on smaller body repairs and paintwork, we solely concentrate on the larger bare metal resprays and such.

We hope this page gives you some insight into what we can do. I know this is an old saying but if a job is worth doing do it right or not at all and don’t let money be a sole motivator.

Passion, skill and desire create great work, what can we do for you?


If you are looking for a bare metal respray call Steve: 07450 960438

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