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Fiat Punto accident repairs.

This Fiat Punto owner came to us the other day after someone had ran into the rear of her car. We handled the non fault accident claim and put the customer straight into a replacement car. We then contacted the other persons insurance company and got the accident repairs authorized straight away. There is no need to claim on your own insurance policy if the accident was not your fault, just give us a call and we can sort it all out for you saving you time and unwanted stress.

accident repairsaccident repairs

Assessing the accident repairs damage and making a repair decision.

Once the bumper had been removed we realized that this accident repair needed a new rear panel, it was badly dented in and beyond repairing. As you can see from the photo the rear bumper also needed replacing and a good repair to the tailgate, new tailgate badges are always used and not the old ones  re fixed.

car accident repairscar accident repairs

Starting the accident repairs.

With the rear panel removed we could straighten the boot floor correctly, we then fitted the new rear panel and repaired the tailgate. Quite a lot of our work is car accident repairs, done for either insurance companies or funded by the customer direct if they don’t want to make a claim. This incident was a non fault accident so the customer didn’t have to pay anything. Beware if you decide to go through your own insurance policy and pay your excess, as it can take ages to get your excess money back.

fiat accident repairsfiat accident repairs

In the oven and freshly sprayed. We blended the quarter panels to make sure the colour of the new bumper matched perfectly. This car was then polished, fitted up, cleaned and taken back to the customer. 


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