We offer dependable, affordable quality.

About us in A Nutshell….

With over 30 years combined experience we have worked on most situations regarding vehicle prep and quality spraying. From the most basic of body repairs to the most demanding of custom bodywork. With showroom finishes and magazine feature cars, classic car restoration and reinstating insurance total loss vehicles back onto the road.

We embrace each and every vehicle with enthusiasm, passion and dedication. To us a car is not just a car, it is an opportunity to show our skills and turn the clock of time back on your cherished drive.

As challenges go, we no longer take on smaller paintwork, sorry but we have now down sized and don’t have the resources to take on fast turnaround jobs. Instead our prep and paint side now only caters for the larger time intensive work.

We have learnt over the years that fast small repairs require less skill (smart repairers who spray at your home, on your drive) and are of little interest to us so we spend the majority of our time now doing work which is more challenging and requires a higher skill set….more suited to our many years of experience and dedication.

For quality work taken on by seasoned professionals please visit our contact page.