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Accident repairs on a Nissan pickup. Quality car accident repairs don’t have to break your bank account. We know that money is tight at the moment, so money spent with us is money well spent. We will give you the very best service at competitive rates. This Nissan pickup came to us after the owners friend backed into his doors. He didn’t want to go through his insurance so we repaired it privately at a cost that was less than his £600 excess. We often repair smaller accident repairs... view

Car accident repairs, a Ferrari 355 GTS we repaired a while ago This is a photo collection of a car accident repair we completed on a Ferrari 355 some years ago at our old unit in Belbroughton. The owner of this car lost control on a rainy day and caught the n/s quarter panel on a post. His insurance excess was so high (£1000) and he did not want to lose his no claim bonus so we repaired his car for less than his excess. The above photos are of the car right after the accident and before... view

VW car accident repairs – side swiped with post and sill damage   We do car accident repairs, van repairs anything and from very minor bolt on wings and doors right up to heavier accident repairs and car jigging. All our work is pulled and checked on the car o liner bench rack car jig, we take no chances in vehicle alignment, it has to be right and safe. This VW needed the side pulling and was then taken off the car jig to finish the panel work on the floor while other cars were being... view

We respray cars for lasting quality When ever we respray cars and other vehicles we get a great sense of turning time back. To take a vehicle that was scratched, dented and not looked after and make it flat and shiny again is a real accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if its a car respray, van or motorbike respray, all have their own challenges and reasons for being resprayed. To respray car correctly all the bumpers, moldings, mirrors and any other trims that are easily removed should be... view